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Engaged Sweeper III
In our environment (school) we re-image computers at least once a year. We have the imaging of the computer and common software scripted for installation. The issue for the tech is then to install whatever special software is needed for the user. What I'd like to see is a report of the software installed on a computer less the common scripted software that is installed already during the imaging process so they can quickly determine what additional software needs to be installed on the computer.

I expect the short term answer is some sql script that does this. (Which would be helpful and a good start) What I'd really like to see is a report where you could show the non-standard software installed on an asset. Kind of like you do with software color coding for those that are allowed and those that aren't. This would be another page like that where you can flag the common apps and then show the difference. This would be easier for users to maintain than editing sql scripts as new common software is added/removed.
Lansweeper Alumni
There's no built-in feature for this for now - I've added it to the wish list - but you could build a custom report, as you indicated as well. You can fairly easily create a report that lists machines with uncommon software by:
  • Opening the built-in "Software: List of software by computer" report in the Reports tab.
  • Hitting the Edit Report button on the left.
  • Hitting Save As, to save a copy of the report under a different name.
  • Adding the below to the Criteria column of the tblSoftwareUni.softwareName expression.

Not In ('name first common software','name second common software','name third common software')