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Product Team
Product Team
We are taking our Security Insights feature from preview into general availability (GA) and rebranding to Risk Insights, initially focusing on vulnerability risk assessment. We are very grateful to all those who provided feedback during the preview phase and helped us identify key gaps in our NIST data source as well as look to ways we could help you manage your risks more effectively. 

Key highlights of the upgrades we’ve made on our journey to general availability are:
  • Re-engineered our resolution engine to make it more capable of real-time correlation of your inventory against our vulnerabilities catalogue.
  • All known vulnerabilities and severities go as far back as 1989.
  • Reduced the false positives inherent in the NIST data by injecting greater patch information.
  • Enabled the ability to ignore lower-priority items and remove noise.
  • Brought in our customised views capabilities to make filtering, sorting and customisation of the view easier.
  • Addition of confidence levels to aid prioritization.
We hope these updates make the day-to-day challenge of managing risk easier and appreciate all your previous feedback and welcome any new feedback you wish to give.
Engaged Sweeper

Do we have any update on when the Microsoft cumulative update issue will be fixed? It seems crazy that you would take this from beta to general availability with such a huge bug. I know we can use the ignore item option but this really is not the best option. We have been told this is being worked on and you are working with Microsoft to fix the issue but month after month we get nothing. There are many other products that can handle this without issues so not sure why this is taking so long to resolve.


Thank you very much for your comment. We are interested in analyzing your case, and I would like you to tell me by direct message which version of the product or agent you are using to scan your assets.


I'm seeing CVEs like CVE-2018-8178 on all our assets, fully patched Windows 11 & 2022 is this expected?



Can you please share an asset key on a DM with a false positive on this CVE? So we can analyze this specific case.
In the meantime, keep this in mind: https://community.lansweeper.com/t5/product-conversations/vulnerability-risk-assessment-performance-...



Seems Lansweeper just needed some time, it looks much better now.