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Product Team
Product Team

Thank you for your continued patience with the ongoing investigation and troubleshooting of restoring the HP warranty scanning functionality, and the IBM warranty retrieval.
As you know, after the past changes, these features are currently unavailable for use by IT Service companies and 3rd party ISVs that check warranty information for their customers' devices.
We are investigating and analyzing the topic further, but, at this time, we are unable to provide an estimated return for these services.
We will monitor the topic, and once any solution is available, we will bring it to your attention.
Thank you again for your understanding.

Main article link:

Champion Sweeper

Any news on that topic?
That article is now moren the six month old and LS does still not show warranty information for servers again.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

The HP Warranty API is a RESTful programmatic interface that provides warranty information about HP devices. It is designed for HP's enterprise customers to check the warranty status of their fleet of HP devices. However, the HP Warranty API  was made unavailable for IT service companies and third-party ISVs that need to check warranty information for their customers' devices. This is a decision that was made by HP, and as such, we cannot access their warranty information.

Thank you for your answer @Obi_1_Cinobi . Are you actively working with HPE to get this functionality back (do you have a support case / feature request etc. open with HPE)? Or do you take it as it is and get over it and wait and see if maybe sometime, somehow, something happens?

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

We want to assure you that the decision made by HP was the result of careful consideration and discussion. However, we understand that you may be disappointed with this outcome as are we. Regrettably, at this moment, Lansweeper is unable to appeal this decision via a support case or feature request. We thank you for understanding.

Honored Sweeper II

You have to create support case.

Why? And with whom? HPE oder LS?