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Engaged Sweeper II

Checking the vulnerabilities on a server of ours Lansweeper Cloud stats it has over 600+ issues

when we look up what needs to be patched to remove said vulnerability  every single KB it says to install is installed.

We can prove this by checking the server and also  local Lansweeper server and see that it also recognises that the kb is showing as installed under the quickfix tab  but yet the cloud says no.

This is a server 2012r2  yes I know its old and we do plan to retire in the nr future but in the meantime it would be nice that the stats being reported are correct.

How do we go about fixing this, or is there a bug with checking this OS

Engaged Sweeper III

KB installations are currently not factored into the determination yet according to this article:


It is only looking at the platform enumerator so if the KB does not update that value then it will still be considered at risk. That is when you would use the ignore button ... if you are sure that all your assets are patched as indicated. Hopefully this gets better soon as they continue to work on the product.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

The cloud data should match what is in your on-prem installation, so this indeed sounds like something is not quite right. Perhaps an issue while syncing? I would reach out to our support team: https://www.lansweeper.com/contact-support/