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Engaged Sweeper III

Hi... wondering if others have run into this problem...  I have a Xerox Altalink C8135 printer.; when I attempt to scan it within LanSweeper, (on-prem), I get an scan error "can't connect to SSL server"    What is odd about this is: 

1. I can log into the initial web page of the server, without a username/password (only need those for making changes). 
2. Using the LS  Device Tester tool, I can connect and get SNMP information; (i.e. connectivity and the community string are correct. 

Any ideas?  Thanks.  


Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Make sure the credentials you are mapped are the SNMP credentials. Lansweeper doesn't log in via the web console (SSL) to connect and query the server. 

You may also want to verify the SNMP version and ensure your scanner is configured accordingly. 

Hope this helps. Keep me posted. 

Tim N.
Lansweeper Employee

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