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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Now that you created a Lansweeper Site and installation, started discovering a variety of assets, and configured users and permissions, you can explore Lansweeper and make the most of your free trial!



Dashboards - Unveil data insights at a glance

Dashboards provide key data insights into your IT environment. The dashboards are made up of various widgets that organize information collected by reports and custom views into visually appealing charts. Explore the default dashboards or customize personal ones to meet your needs.

To delve deeper into dashboards, check out Manage dashboards.


Custom views and advanced filters - Tailor your experience

Focus on specific aspects of your IT environment by creating custom views and applying advanced filters. Highlight the most important information, and hide what you don’t need. Customization ensures you have a clear view of what matters, precisely when it matters.

To discover how to create custom views and advanced filters in your Inventory, see View assets.


Asset details - Learn everything there is to know about your assets

Learning all about a particular asset in your IT environment is as easy as navigating to your Inventory and selecting the asset of your choice. From there, you can view a wealth of asset details, such as the OS and build of the asset, network information, and even details about the asset’s lifecycle.

If any information about your asset is missing or incorrect, edit the asset.


Scan issues - Identify and address problem areas

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date record of your IT assets is essential. Scan issues indicate that you’re not getting all of the information from your environment that you could be. Identify scanning issues to determine which must be addressed and which can be ignored.

For a guide on identifying scan issues, refer to View scan issues.


Reports - Find the data you need

Reports are a great tool for collecting and analyzing data about your IT environment. Lansweeper has many built-in reports that you can schedule or run ad hoc. Can’t find the report you need? No worries - give building your own custom reports a try!

For more information, see Reports.


Risk Insights - Protect your network from potential threats

Leverage Risk Insights to identify potential vulnerabilities and proactively address security concerns. Stay ahead of potential threats by comprehensively understanding the risk landscape within your IT environment.

To better understand Risk Insights, check out the articles in Cyber Security and Risk Insights.


Diagrams - Visualize your network

Have you ever wished for a tool that could help you properly understand the framework of your IT infrastructure? Lansweeper’s interactive diagram feature does exactly that, allowing you to visualize your network layout and gain insights into the intricate web of your IT assets!

Learn more by reading the articles in Diagrams.


Integrations - Merge with your technology stack

Check out how Lansweeper works with other tools and platforms in your IT setup. When everything connects seamlessly, it amps up Lansweeper's overall usefulness in your organization.

Check out all available integrations by visiting Lansweeper Integrates with your Tech Stack.


Thank you for completing the Lansweeper Trial training. You now have 14 days to explore everything Lansweeper! If you are convinced Lansweeper is right for you, then request a price quote to continue your journey with Lansweeper.


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New to Lansweeper?

Try Lansweeper For Free

Experience Lansweeper with your own data.
Sign up now for a 14-day free trial.

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