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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

When you've installed Lansweeper and start scanning your network, you may start seeing entries like the one below in your Lansweeper web console under Configuration\Server Log. These events are caused by an incorrect configuration of the affected client machine and can be resolved by following the steps further down this article.

Lansweeper pulls Windows computer data from WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), a management framework built into Windows operating systems. Since version 4.2, Lansweeper scans the Win32_StartupCommand WMI class on your computers. This class stores information on autorun items, processes that run automatically when you boot your computer. If the Startup value in the following registry key on the client machine has no value or points to a non-existent folder, Win32_StartupCommand will return thousands of incorrect autorun items: HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-18\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders. To prevent the return of incorrect autorun items, Lansweeper will not scan Win32_StartupCommand on client machines whose Startup value is incorrectly configured and will return an "incorrectly configured to allow autorun scanning" error instead.

<name of client machine> is incorrectly configured to allow autorun scanning
lightbulb.png This error only affects scanning of autorun items, processes that run automatically when the client machine is started. All other computer data will still be scanned without issue. Resolving the error is only necessary if you'd like to retrieve autorun data.

To prevent this event from being generated and allow Lansweeper to scan autorun items, do the following:

  1. On the client machine for which the event is generated, run regedit.exe, the Registry Editor.
  2. Point the Startup value in the registry key below to any random, empty folder (that actually exists). In the example below, we created a folder called Autorun on our C: drive and pointed the Startup value to that folder. You can point Startup to any empty folder however, with any name.
    HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-18\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders
  3. Rescan the client machine by clicking the Assets link at the top of the web console, ticking the checkbox in front of the machine and hitting the Rescan button on the left. When the scan has completed, you should see autorun items listed in the Config\Windows\Autorun section of the client machine's Lansweeper webpage.
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