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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

A "TTY Required" scanning error can occur if you are running a Linux distribution where sudo is configured to require tty by default.

To solve the error, disable the tty requirement to ensure Lansweeper has sudo access and fulfills the requirements for scanning Linux computers.

Take caution when editing system files as incorrect changes might make your system unstable.

To disable the tty requirement:

  1. Open the Linux terminal. Enter sudo visudo then your password, when prompted.
  2. Use your keyboard's arrow keys and move your cursor to the start of the Defaults requiretty line.
  3. Select the I  key to use insert mode.
  4. Enter #. The line should now be #Defaults requiretty
  5. Select the Esc key to exit insert mode.
  6. Enter :wq and select the Enter key to save and exit the editor.

Run a scan on your Linux computer to confirm the error is resolved.

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