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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

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View your scanning queue under a port to troubleshoot scan issues.

In most circumstances, you should view your scanning queue by opening the web console, then navigating to Scanning > Scanning Queue. The scanning queue is the most user-friendly way to view and manage scans, because it is easy to access, refreshes automatically, and allows you to clear scan requests.

However, if you need to troubleshoot scanning issues, you can also access the queue under a port. Access to this queue is disabled by default and is only intended to be used in very specific circumstances.

The default port is 9524. This is the port your scanning server will use to listen for data sent by the LsPush scanning agent and is also the port you'll access to view the scanning queue. You can update the listen port if needed, but it is not generally required. To update the port, go to Configuration > Server options > Service options > Listen port.

Accessing the scanning queue under a port poses a security risk. Do not allow unrestricted access to the page. Only enable access to the queue under a port if you have a very specific need for it or if you're troubleshooting scanning issues. We recommend viewing the scanning queue under Scanning > Scanning Queue in the web console.

To view the scanning queue under a port:

  1. Go to your Windows Services and right-click the Lansweeper server service. Select Stop.
  2. Open the File explorer and navigate to Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Tools. Double-click ConfigEditor.exe.
  3. In the Lansweeper Config Editor, next to appSettings, select Add.
  4. In the Key field, enter ShowQueueStatus. In the Value field, enter 1. Select Add, then Save.
  5. Go to your Windows Services and right-click the Lansweeper server service. Select Restart.
  6. In your web browser, navigate to the following URL:
    https://<IP address or name of the machine hosting your scanning service>:<listen port number>
    For example, if your scanning service is hosted on computer LAN-001 and the listen port is the default 9524, the URL would be https://lan-001:9524.
    If you are using Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, or an older operating system, use HTTP instead of HTTPS.
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