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Engaged Sweeper
Hi there

For the Microsoft True Up I'm looking for some help with the reports. I didn't find anything related to it in the report library or in the forum.

The license compliance tool would be very helpful, but it counts every installed software (for example Visio installed on a VM, where only licensed user can open the software. These users have access based on AD groups) even if only some users can open it.

Therefore I think I need to create a report where the software licenses are counted based on AD-Group Informations. Does somebody already have such a report or can help me creating one? It doesn't have to be created for free, it would be a helpful report therefore it has a worth 🙂

Engaged Sweeper
I am looking to do the same. Did you make any progress? Maybe we can co-op.

** Follow up **

It appears that the report "“License: Software licensekey overview” satisfies these requirements.