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Learn about our Product Research Programs: Help us build the Product YOU need with your feedback.

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Join our User Research Panel

We are constantly improving, and the Product Development process is a cycle. That is why we came up with a new initiative called Lansweeper User Research Panel.  The objective is to keep engaging wit...


Join our Beta Program and Help us Shape our MVP Features

Give feedback early in the development of a feature and have even more impact! During the Beta Program, clients will test our MVP features before they are publicly available.    The main objectives o...


Our User Participation Agreement

Before joining our Research Programs, you must accept our User Participation Agreement during the registration process via our sign-up form.     The pillars of our agreement: Confidentiality: The info...


Rewards policy - Lansweeper Research Programs

Participate in our research activities and enjoy our community’s perks and unique Lansweeper merch!   Community rewards:   You will enjoy special perks within our Lansweeper Community, such as:   Joi...


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