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Exclude a specific service in scanning

I am very new to Lansweeper being given this app to support 2 weeks ago.  Daily I see Other Scanning Issues reported. The majority of the issues are the Print Spooler service.  This service is disabled by default per a cyber policy set.  Is there a w...

Customize website user interface

Hello everyone !My last project was about to configure the Lansweeper helpdesk. It take me sometimes but now it works perfectly and helping our employees to create and track tickets more easly !But it still few stuff to configure to let the things be...


Automatic ticket creation by email

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to create a ticket automatically by sending an email to a certain adress.Example:Our monitoring system detects an issue on a server;Monitoring system sends email to it support team (

MBI by Engaged Sweeper
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SSO cloud with AzureAD

Hi all,I've set up our cloud site with Azure AD. I added our AD security group into the app as a user in AD.I am able to add users to the SSO owners, but when users log in they are asked to create a site and do not go to the landing page. Did I miss ...

Resolved! Video Card scans on Lansweeper: Video card RAM reported incorrect

Hi,It was brought to my attention by a colleague that data held in a report containing video card RAM was incorrect. When scanning an NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB, the 'AdapterRam' value for the card is 4095, despite the card having 24GB of vRAM. My repo...

dshu by Engaged Sweeper III
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Is it possible to reference custom fields in custom actions?

HiI would like to create a custom action for teamviewer. I would like to populate one of the custom fields with teamviewer's ID. Then create a custom action to launch teamviewer and pass the computer ID to it.ThanksMax

mghabel by Engaged Sweeper II
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Error when creating installation

Hi, I'm trialing LanSweeper and I've come across a major issue when installing the application on our servers. I've tried several servers, existing 2019 dev server, brand new 2016 server, legacy 2012R2 server and all are having the same issue. I've t...

HPO by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! tblADComputers.Description not refreshing for assets?

Hey Sweepers,Does anyones tblADComputers.Description update when a modification is made to the computer description field in Active Directory? I'm noticing that ours have gotten out of sync. Any ideas?  

Malrsorr by Engaged Sweeper
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View the SNMP community string in on-prem Credentials

Hi....looking to disentangle our SMTP credentials as it looks as if we have multiple credentials for the same asset.  Is it possible to recover, or view the community strings for existing credentials....  The checkbox shown below when creating a new ...

lkeyes_1-1679681200348.png lkeyes_0-1679681008874.png
lkeyes by Engaged Sweeper II
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Featured Member: Kevin M

Hello All, Meet @KevinA-REJIS , a regular contributor to our forum. Kevin McConnell has been working as a Network Analyst (infrastructure/system admin) at REJIS Commission for close to eight years. Kevin has been part of Lansweeper's Community since ...

Kevin M.jpg

Error when authenticating with Lansweeper's API

When you attempt to integrate Lansweeper with apps like Freshservice and Jira Service Management, you might receive the error message: Failed to load site data, please ensure that you have entered a valid 'Lansweeper Identity Code' or make sure  Lans...

anniep by Lansweeper Tech Support
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Pro Tips #40: ChatGPT & Advanced Reporting in Cloud

In this month's Pro Tip, I cover how you use ChatGPT as a digital assistant to create advanced reports. It's especially helpful if you're not that familiar with coding your own advanced reports. I also share some other tips on how to make reporting e...

Esben_D by Lansweeper Employee
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Feature Request: Ping Colum Filter

When running report all the columns have ability to filter results but not the PING column. Would be nice to have ability without modifying reports to have toggle or drop down selector option to show offline or online assets.

PeterJG by Champion Sweeper II
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Device Warranty Report Help

Hey everyone,Requesting some help with a report which can display the counts of our device warranties in a summary:Out of Warranty | Count Amount1 Year Warranty Remaining | Count Amount2 Year Warranty Remaining | Count Amount3 Year Warranty Remaining...

sktf by Engaged Sweeper
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Error when authenticating with Lansweeper's API

When you attempt to integrate Lansweeper with apps like Freshservice and Jira Service Management, you might receive the error message: Failed to load site data, please ensure that you have entered a v...


GPO vs RPC unavailable errors

You notice that devices cannot be scanned or deployed to agentless. You have recently updated your group policy settings. This issue must be resolved STAT! What could be happening? This may be a case ...


LsAgent and excluded devices

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