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Sentinel One MSI install

I am trying to deploy an msi for Sentinel One. Below is the command that I have set in my deployment package.msiexec.exe /i "{PackageShare}\Installers\SentinelOne\Sentinel.msi" /norestart /qn /SITE_TOKEN=XXXXXXXXXXX /SILENTIs there anyone who can tel...

Cloud Sync Issue

You may have noticed when checking the "Cloud Link Overview" that your inventory hasn't been fully synced between the on-prem installation and the Cloud instance for a couple of days. Additionally, you may see an error similar to the one below:     ...

anniep by Lansweeper Tech Support
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SSO Single Sign On not functioning

Hi to all,I'm experiencing a problem related to the SSO feature of Lansweeper.I'd like to login in the lansweeper webconsole by ONLY opening the web browser without inserting username and password (pure SSO).Is it possible? Our environment is a Micro...

itsaleri by Engaged Sweeper II
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Meet Hubert!

Hi All, In case you missed it @hubertmroz is our featured member for May Featured Community Member: May (lansweeper.com) If you come across this guide Hubert created comment or like to show appreciation Guide: Migrate lansweeper database to MS SQL Al...

Resolved! Missing Assets

Dear friends:  I started a project where I was adding our American Power Conversion UPSs to our LanSweeper Asset Inventory.  I added about 10 of them.... and they would appear under "Asset Type" as UPS...   Had them scanning....and had a couple acces...

lkeyes by Engaged Sweeper III
  • 8 replies
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Allowing users to only see subsets of assets

Is it possible to group assets in such a way as to allow only some users to view some and not others? I have some assets that are on networks that should not be viewable by any general user of the web portal as they are in possible audit locations. S...

Azkor by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! PSSessionConfiguration, JEA, and gMSA

I recently learned about the power of PowerShell SessionConfigurations and Just Enough Administration (JEA). There are two things that could benefit Lansweeper scanning.1. Scan and report on Get-PSSessionConfiguration. I'm deploying more and more Ses...

Bowser by Engaged Sweeper
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SMB v1 Report that has it enabled

I am searching for a report that shows me which servers and workstations has SMB1Protocol enabled.The SQL report presents me the output but not all the output is the sames as when i go to:a workstation, select software, select features and click on S...

Roundup - 2nd June

Hello, Please find below a summary of new discussions/ content in the Community. Updates from Lansweeper teams include  News widget non-functional Available as a Docker Container  don't forget to RSVP to our upcoming keynote event  Popular & new disc...

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Security Insights - Windows Patches not recognized

Hello Guys, we are testing the Security Insights in the Lansweper Cloud. And we have much incorrect Vulnerabilities shown there.We have about 600 Vulnerabilities which concerns Microsoft Updates. For example:CVE-2022-41048 which is related to this Pa...

DirkSa by Engaged Sweeper
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Hard drive usage over the last 24 hours

Hi there.I am looking for a report that will flag any server where the used disk space on any of its drives has increased by say 40GB over the last 24 hours. Is this possible? I am currently doing performance scanning for all my servers but it is to ...

Featured Member: Hubert Mróz

Hello All, This month we are pleased to feature @hubertmroz as our spotlight member . As our community grows we continue to highlight Lansweeper users who go above and beyond to share helpful resources, offer support and add valuable insights to disc...


report detecting linux software outside a whitelist

Hello, since there isn't any easy way to authorise linux software as it is possible for windows, I created a whitelist of every Linux software I want to authorise, I added it to the lansweeper database with a csv, that worked fine. However, I would n...

Tmercier by Engaged Sweeper II
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Cloud Sync Issue

You may have noticed when checking the "Cloud Link Overview" that your inventory hasn't been fully synced between the on-prem installation and the Cloud instance for a couple of days. Additionally, yo...


Wake-on-LAN (WOL) Issue

You are trying to wake up your devices remotely. You send a magical package to the devices but nothing happens.  What could be wrong? It might be that your devices are powering down the network interf...


Linux LsAgent service name change

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