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Exclude Azure Resource Groups from scanning

Hi,I'm looking to scan my Azure estate using Lansweeper but I'm only looking to scan the Virtual Machines.I did a scan recently and it pulled down resource groups too, just wondering if there's a way to exclude theses, I'm unable to find them in the ...

LS doesn't show Videocard Model on Linux Assets

LS doen't show Videocard Model on Linux AssetsDisplay Video card No information foundBut I see such info in lshw:description: Desktop Computerproduct: System Product Name (To Be Filled By O.E.M.)vendor: System manufacturerversion: System Versionseria...

Looking for Package Deployment use cases

I've been playing around with the feature tying to come up with ideas on how best to leverage. Best ideas I can come up with are checking to see if a program is installed, and then applying an update or maybe sending pop up messages to users? Running...

Resolved! Startup Support

Do they even offer to help get this product half way functional? So far it is ignoring all credentials and only doing WMI queries. The is my second time installing this product and am still underwhelmed with sales or any sort of support.Spiceworks is...

Rockn by Engaged Sweeper
  • 2 replies
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Agent relay service with multiple installations?

Howdy--We recently moved several individually-licensed on-prem installations to a single license so that they can all be linked with the same cloud site.When adding our second installation, we ran into this error message regarding LsAgent Relay Confi...

heureso by Visitor Sweeper
  • 0 replies
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Please respond to this if you want a JAMF connector

Hi allLansweeper have told me that they do not see many requests for a JAMF ( cloud ) connector.That may well be the case ?Anyway, this means that they do not have plans to develop one.Why is this important to some?The Mac LSagent does not provide us...

Lars_Kruse by Engaged Sweeper II
  • 7 replies
  • 10 kudos

New menus difficult to work with

Lansweeper forced the new menu look and feel in the most recent upgrade, but it is very difficult to work with for me. Hovering over a menu to get a fly-out menu only works intermittently and trying to select from the secondary fly-out menu (especial...

Process for changing lansweeperuser password

Howdy - we are using of lansweeper on prem. Great tool by the way!We are wanting to move the SQL database to a new sql server and after that move the installed application / scan server to a new server. No one in my team knows the password f...

Stevie by Engaged Sweeper
  • 1 replies
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Windows 11 End of Life Audit

I have been working on Windows 11 Compatibility. I have tried to update a few machines that according to the Windows 11 Compatibility Audit said was Windows 11 Compliant. When installing Windows 11 on the machines they say that they are not compatibl...

Resolved! export to Excel generates aspx file

Hi,When trying to export a report as xls, LS generates an export.aspx file instead of an Excel format file.On another computer it works fine. Is this like a local workstation issue?Can't figure out how to correct this.Thank you for your tip

PeterM13 by Engaged Sweeper
  • 4 replies
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Pro Tips #46: Software Usage Metering

One thing I’ve heard through the grapevines is that there a quite a number of people who would like to see Lansweeper do is scanning software usage or software metering. Lansweeper doesn’t offer this functionality, but this month, we’ll explore what ...

Esben_D by Lansweeper Employee
  • 1 replies
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Improve Dynamic Group Filter

Looking for improvement to the dynamic group filter.Use case: Want to show computers that have a certain version of Adobe Reader / Flash / Java installed. I can do this, but I show triples of each computer when I add the software filter for each (see...

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