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Insert local image missing after latest upgrade on-prem?

I'm pretty sure I used to insert images from local link instead of just 'url', prior to the latest upgrade, which I performed earlier today. Did something change or do I need to change a setting now in order to insert an image into a ticket comment t...

Lapland by Visitor Sweeper
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Report to get "last seen computer" of users in specific group

Hello,My report is now showing the users in the AD group I want:Select Top 1000000 tblADusers.Username,tblADusers.Name,tblADGroups.Name As ADGroupName,Case tblADGroups.GroupTypeWhen -2147483646 Then 'Security - Global'When -2147483644 Then 'Security ...

Alex-IT by Visitor Sweeper
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Resolved! Is it possible to make a software report using "less-than" version?

So I am needing to make a report that will show all the computers that have a particular software installed and it's version is less than 1.3.24 I'm aware of how to make one that uses NOT LIKE, but in this case I have users that are also beta testing...

NCI_Matt by Engaged Sweeper
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DrayTek Vulnerability

29 Draytek routers and network equipment contain a critical vulnerability with a CVSS of 10. Make sure to grab the latest firmware version of your Draytek equipment. Read our full coverage in the Draytek vulnerability blog post.

Esben_D by Lansweeper Employee
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NAS drive space

is there any way to allow lansweeper to show Drive size and amount of storage used in regards to NAS Synology and NAS Nimble units I tried OID's for the Synology and it could not get info.  


Incorrect display of Microsoft Apps

Hi there,thats my first entry in the Lansweeper forum....I try to uninstall Microsoft Apps. At first I tried to use a powershell script (without lansweeper), which works successfully. When I display the overview of installed apps with powershell, the...

MF_1 by Visitor Sweeper
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Chrome/IE/FF/Browser Extensions/Addins

It would be EXTREMELY useful if LANSWEEPER could generate a report of all Browser Addins/Extensions installed on all machines.Iv seen a few various hacks that can be done by manually scanning the folder/registry for this, but we want to view ALL addi...

d_scott by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Lansweeper OT Can't add Scan Target

The ADD button does not appear at the top right of the scan target page.No assets are available from my lansweeper OT hub, and my OT HUB is sync and UP on my 

RemiB by Engaged Sweeper
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Windows software scan issues

Windows software Tencent WeChat for PC didn't show up for all installed PCs. Only few PCs show in software report. Should it caused by software name is Chinese characters?

Helpdesk Filtering

I have multiple agents using Lansweeper helpdesk and only a few of them are getting stalled out results (about 90% of the time failure, and about 10% successful) when filtering tickets in Helpdesk after migrating from CompactSQL to SQL LocalDB during...

Viewing Closed Tickets

We have just installed and started using Lansweeper. I have used the Lansweeper asset management system for years (although I did not administer the system) but we are new to the Help Desk system. We have setup the initial ticket templates, teams, et...

Pro Tips #27: Lansweeper Load Balancing - Part 2

Pro Tips 27 is out after a short delay due to our Lansweeper 360 event last week. This week's pro tips continues the topic of load balancing and maintenance focussed reports and data. Discover it in the Pro tips 27 blog post.

Esben_D by Lansweeper Employee
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