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Blog series for Lansweeper Pros: Dive deep into what Lansweeper can do and creative ways to help you...

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With our Tech Support: Regular posts with quick solutions to improve your Lansweeper experience.

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Create new support cases and manage previously submitted cases. You will need to log in with your c...

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How to configure SSL in the Lansweeper web console?

When Lansweeper is installed, it will automatically install a self-signed SSL certificate for when users want to use HTTPS initially. You can find this pre-installed Lansweeper certificate under Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\IISexpress\Certificate a...

ErikT by Lansweeper Tech Support
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Force start an LsAgent scan

Your LsAgent clients are configured to scan your assets twice a day, or to follow whichever schedule you set up. However, you're making changes to an asset, and you want these changes to immediately appear in the database, rather than waiting for the...

ErikT by Lansweeper Tech Support
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Pro Tips #53: Discover Startup Applications

Pro Tips 53 dives into startup applications, how you can discover potential resource wastage, potential malicious applications, unauthorized applications or reduce boot times.

Esben_D by Lansweeper Employee
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Migrate installation-based scopes

This page explains how to migrate your installation-based scopes to asset scopes. In the past, you could define installation-based scopes in Lansweeper Sites within specific roles. However, we've since transitioned to asset scopes. Asset scopes off...

Nils by Lansweeper Tech Support
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Manage OT assets in Lansweeper On-premises

This page explains how you can manage and edit your OT assets in Lansweeper On-premises. This page is for Lansweeper On-premises. For Lansweeper Sites, see Manage OT assets in Lansweeper Sites. Once you’ve installed Lansweeper OT, scanned your OT e...

Nils by Lansweeper Tech Support
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