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On this page you will be able to find information on how to get started at the Lansweeper Community and how to make the best out of the new Community features.

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🔥 Community Highlights: March 2024

Hello Community! March flew by to be honest, it was great to see so much collaboration happening within the Community from  reports being shared to product ideas - let’s dive into the recap for last month: Community announcement: We made some minor t...

Welcome to the Lansweeper Community

Hello! Welcome to the Lansweeper Community! We’re glad to have you here. About the Community The Lansweeper Community is the best place to find answers to product questions, collaborate with other Lansweeper users and keep up to date with product upd...

Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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Contact Support

Search and ask for answers Lansweeper Community is the place to find digital resources for our product. Community members share and respond to technical questions about Lansweeper daily. You can search for answers or create a new topic here in our fo...

Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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🌟Community Highlights: February 2024

Happy New Month Folks!  To kick off this new month here are some community highlights to show how amazing Lansweeper Pros are! First of all, don’t miss out on these announcements from Lansweeper teams ‌‌‌‌Enhancing Software Management: Introducing D...

Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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Lansweeper Community: 2023 in Review

Hello Lansweeper Community! 2023 is almost over - it feels like the year flew by! Now is the perfect time to reflect on our amazing progress this year. If you posted questions, shared feedback, commented on posts, participated in user research or at...

Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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Bi-weekly Community Highlights (November 9 - November 22)

Tip of the week: Add a bio and profile image to make your posts stand out! Use your Community bio and profile page to connect with members with similar interests/ show your expertise , it also gives you a higher chance of getting a reply to your ques...

Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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How does the Ranking system work?

At the Lansweeper Community we like to recognize our Members by your contribution to building valuable engagement inside our boards. Our Ranking levels are listed below. For you to level up a ranking, the key actions you need to perform are: Login in...

beacampos by Lansweeper Employee
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