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With Esben: Regular posts that dive deeper into what Lansweeper can do and creative ways to use Lansweeper.

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Pro Tips #46: Software Usage Metering

One thing I’ve heard through the grapevines is that there a quite a number of people who would like to see Lansweeper do is scanning software usage or software metering. Lansweeper doesn’t offer this ...


Pro Tips #45: Using a Hybrid Lansweeper Setup

In this month's Pro Tips it's all about how to use a hybrid Lansweeper setup. What part of Lansweeper do you use when? Using the right tool for the right job! You can find the written version in the P...


Pro Tips #44: Lansweeper Data Normalization

This month's Pro Tip continues from last month, part 2 of my conversation with Carlo Medas about Lansweeper 's data normalization, how it works, what it provides, and how it will evolve in the future!...


Pro Tips #43: The Lansweeper Data Catalogue

The Lansweeper data catalog plays a crucial role in Lansweeper, offering comprehensive device recognition capabilities and data normalization. It enables the enrichment of device information, facilita...


Pro Tips #41: Exposing Network Interface Uplinks

In this month's Pro Tips I cover how you can manage uplink network interfaces better and ensure you get a full view of all devices connected to network interfaces. You can watch the video or read all ...


Pro Tips #40: ChatGPT & Advanced Reporting in Cloud

In this month's Pro Tip, I cover how you use ChatGPT as a digital assistant to create advanced reports. It's especially helpful if you're not that familiar with coding your own advanced reports. I als...


Pro Tips #39: Passive Scanning

A new month a new Pro Tip. This month I go over passive scanning, how to use it and provide some resources that can help you better manage it. You can find it all in the Pro Tips 39 blog post and vide...


Pro Tips #38: Error Handling

This month's Pro Tips provides resources to better manage your scanning errors in Lansweeper, including overviews of types of errors and some useful reports to check if you're accidentally causing err...


Pro Tips #37: Looking at 2023

The last Pro Tips of this year looks at the most popular Pro Tips so far and the preliminary results of the 2023 content survey with a sneak preview of what changes will be made thanks to your feedbac...


Pro Tips #36: Deleting User Profiles

Pro Tips 36 focuses on how you can delete old user profiles to prevent public computers from running out of disk space by having too many user profiles hogging disk space. You can find out more in the...


Pro Tips #35: User Profile Size

This week's Pro Tips is about getting an overview of user profile sizes so you know how much of your disk space is being used up by user profiles! You can find it all in the Pro Tips 35 blog post.


Pro Tips #34: Auditing Browser History

This week's Pro Tips is about browser history and having the tools to analyze and investigate the origin and user path of getting to malicious files or websites. You can read more in Pro tips 34.


Pro Tips #33: Managing Chrome Extensions

This week's Pro Tip is all about managing Chrome extensions better, get an inventory of where your group policies are applied, and which extensions are managed, Take a look in the blog post.  


Pro Tips #32: Ports Status

October is cybersecurity month, so we're going to look more closely at some security-related topics for the next two Pro Tips. This week I'm looking at how you can use a pretty basic PowerShell comman...


Pro Tips #31: Subnet Ping Sweep

In this week's Pro Tips, learn how to do a subnet ping sweep on the subnet of one of your IT assets and save the results to maintain a ping status record. Read all about it in the Pro Tips 31 blog pos...


Pro Tips #30: Disk Usage Visualization

This week's pro tips is about how you can visualize your disk's usage of space with the help of a custom action and some PowerShell. Read all about it in the Pro Tips 30 blog post.


Pro Tips #29: Lifecycle Reporting

This week's Pro Tips is all about asset & OS lifecycle reporting and creating a dashboard so you have an overview of upcoming end-of-life dates. You can find the details in the Pro Tips 29 blog post.


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