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Discover the essential prerequisites for a seamless Lansweeper installation.

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Set up Lansweeper with our step-by-step installation guides.

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Scanning your network

Use Lansweeper to scan a variety of assets to enhance your IT management process.

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Managing Assets

Manage and configure your inventory of assets for seamless organization within Lansweeper.

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Use Lansweeper to create and generate reports for data analysis.

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Lansweeper OT

Install and configure Lansweeper OT to manage your OT assets.

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Learn how to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot Lansweeper Cloud.

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View software

This page explains how to explore the software installed on your organization's devices, including creating custom and advanced filter views, managing views and exporting views. From creating personalized custom views to sorting software data by mu...

Nils by Lansweeper Tech Support
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Configure IT Agent Discovery

This page describes how to configure IT Agent Discovery from your Lansweeper Site, and explains how to create or edit discovery actions. IT Agent Discovery is currently a preview feature, so please anticipate occasional adjustments and improvements...

Nils by Lansweeper Tech Support
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Lansweeper installation and management types

This article explains what the different Lansweeper installation types are, which license management types are available, and how to change your license management type. Setting up Lansweeper involves choosing from three installation types: Cloud-f...

Nils by Lansweeper Tech Support
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Trialling Lansweeper

This page explains the different trial experiences Lansweeper has to offer, how to change to a different trial and how to purchase a license if Lansweeper satisfies your needs. If you're thinking of starting a Lansweeper trial but find yourself unc...

Nils by Lansweeper Tech Support
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Install Network Discovery

This page provides information on installing and configuring Network Discovery, currently in beta, allowing remote discovery of IT and OT assets. Full Network Discovery is currently a beta feature with limited support and is subject to change. If yo...

sophie by Lansweeper Tech Support
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