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Edge 117 Audit

On August 15, Microsoft released Edge 117 for Windows, Linux, and Mac. In this release, Microsoft has updated several features and policies. The Edge 117 release also includes the latest security upda...


Chrome 117 Audit

On September 12, Google released Chrome 117 for Windows, Linux, and Mac. This release includes fixes for 16 security issues as well as added features and updates. One of the issues even got an emergen...


Firefox 117, Firefox ESR 102.15, and ESR 115.2 Audit

Firefox 117 was released with new minor updates and security fixes. This includes the following: Support for credit card autofill for users running Firefox in the IT, ES, AT, BE, and PL locales.Contro...


Update Fixes 5 New Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome 116

Google has released a small update just a week after releasing version 116 to address 5 vulnerabilities that can lead to remote code execution. Be sure to update your environment to the latest version...


New RCE Vulnerability Found in WinRAR

A Remote Code Execution vulnerability has been fixed in WinRAR, an attacker could use this flaw to execute arbitrary code by tricking its targets into visiting maliciously crafted web pages or opening...


Edge 116 Audit

Edge version 116 was released which includes new minor features like Microsoft Edge for Business which includes native enterprise-grade security, productivity, manageability, and AI. It also offers th...


Chrome 116 Audit

Google released Chrome 116, which includes fixes for 26 security issues along with multiple minor improvements like X25519Kyber768 key encapsulation for TLS, Improved performance of the Memory Saver a...


Firefox 116 & ESR 105.1 Audit

Mozilla released its new versions, Firefox 116, Firefox 102.14, and Firefox ESR 115.1esr, with additional functionality and security fixes on the 1st of August, 2023. These releases contain multiple c...


Apple Fixes 2 More Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Apple has rolled out a series of security updates for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS, and Safari in response to 2 vulnerabilities. Both of them have already been exploited in the wild. When success...


Edge 115 Audit

Edge 115 was released which includes support for the new Microsoft Edge management service that lets you configure all Microsoft Edge browser policies for your organization in a configuration profile....


Storm-0978 Attacks Mitigation Audit

CISA has ordered federal agencies to mitigate the REC zero-day vulnerabilities affecting Windows and Office before the 8th of August. This gives you just three weeks to implement the mitigations. The ...


Chrome 115 Audit

Google released Chrome 115, which includes fixes for 20 security issues along with multiple minor improvements like a Reading mode, Google Search side panel, and more. You can find an audit for the la...


Firefox 115 & ESR 102.13 / 115.0 Audit

Firefox version 115 has been released with some big changes. Firefox 115 is the last version that will support Windows 7, 8 and Apple macOS 10.12, 10.13, and 10.14. Additionally, the ESR version is sw...


4 High-Severity Bugs Fixed in VMware vCenter Server

Last week, VMware released security updates for vCenter Server in response to a number of memory corruption vulnerabilities in the DCERPC protocol implementation. When exploited, the bugs could allow ...


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