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Microsoft Patch Tuesday - March 2023

Patch Tuesday is once again here, this time fixing an actively exploited Microsoft Outlook vulnerability, so time to start patching! You can find our summary and an audit to see which devices are full...


Microsoft Patch Tuesday - February 2023

Microsoft sends its love on Valentine with 76 issues fixed, 8 critical, including PEAP vulnerabilities, Visual Studio vulnerabilities, and Exchange RCE vulnerabilities. Read the details and grab the a...


Microsoft Patch Tuesday - January 2023

Patch Tuesday starts with a bang! 101 Vulnerabilities fixed, 11 critical ones. This month's notable updates are for Sharepoint, Exchange, L2TP, and Microsoft Cryptographic Services. Read more about th...


Microsoft Patch Tuesday - December 2022

Patch Tuesday is here with 6 critical security issues fixed including more Sharepoint and Exchange. You can find the summary in the blog post. If you're using Lansweeper cloud, you can now also direct...


Microsoft Patch Tuesday - October 2022

Patch Tuesday is here! Highlights include a couple of SharePoint Server RCEs, a bunch of Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol RCEs and a pretty bad vulnerability in the cluster connect feature of Azure A...


Microsoft Patch Tuesday - September 2022

The latest Patch Tuesday is now live, including fixes for 5 critical RCE vulnerabilities. You can find out more in the Patch Tuesday September blog post.


Microsoft Patch Tuesday – August 2022

It's Patch Tuesday again! And a big one, with 123 fixes, 17 that are rated as critical. The most important ones are new Exchange security fixes and an SMB issue on Windows 11. Find the full summary an...


Microsoft Patch Tuesday – July 2022

Patch Tuesday is here which marks the end-of-life of a couple of SQL Server versions along with 84 vulnerability fixes, 4 of which are rated as critical. Find out all you need to know in the patch Tue...


Microsoft Patch Tuesday – June 2022

The latest patch Tuesday is live you can find all the details in the Patch Tuesday June blog post.As previously mentioned, if you want to try a new beta version of the Patch Tuesday report using Windo...


Microsoft Patch Tuesday – May 2022

Patch Tuesday May is now live!As a side note, the Lansweeper Patch Tuesday report is automatically added to Lansweeper Cloud sites. Lansweeper Cloud is included in all our licenses without any additio...


Microsoft Patch Tuesday – March 2022

This month's patch Tuesday is live with two Exchange vulnerabilities fixes and some Microsoft store apps that have RCE vulnerabilities in them. You can read more about it in the Patch Tuesday March bl...


Microsoft Patch Tuesday – November 2021

Regardless, you can find my usual summary here along with the report. Biggest headlines are the Exchange issue which is actively exploited and a Windows Defender RCE for which you might want to do a d...