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Asset Discovery Challenge


Welcome to the Lansweeper Asset Discovery Challenge! Are you ready to uncover hidden treasures in your network? Join us in this thrilling adventure as we search for remarkable, unique or simply random IT assets with Lansweeper.

How it works

We invite you to scan and discover hidden gems within your organisation's network digital landscape. Whether you work in healthcare, manufacturing, or any other industry Tell us how you scan and discover unique / hard-to-find assets. and manage a vast array of IT assets.

Submission Process

Scan your network use this raw query
Document your discoveries, including details such as manufacturer, specifications, and historical significance. (please do not share domain names, user names or any sensitive information)
Share your findings with the community here along with any supporting evidence or anecdotes.
The challenge closes on Friday 20th April

Challenge Categories

Your item has to fall in one of the categories below:
  1. Medical Marvels:
  2. Explore your organization's inventory for rare medical devices, diagnostic equipment, or specialized IT systems used in healthcare settings. From vintage diagnostic tools to cutting-edge medical technology, share your discoveries with the community.
  3. Culinary Curiosities:
  4. Delve into the depths of your IT asset inventory to uncover unique technology used in food production, distribution, or hospitality. Whether it's a state-of-the-art kitchen appliance or a historic food processing system, showcase the technological wonders of the culinary world.
  5. Legacy Legends:
  6. Unearth legacy hardware and software that have stood the test of time within your organization. From ancient servers to vintage software applications, share the relics of IT history that continue to play a vital role in your operations.

Prizes and Recognition

Participants with the most remarkable discoveries will have the chance to win exciting prizes and receive recognition for their contributions. In addition to bragging rights, winners will receive an exclusive badge for their community profile and our limited edition superhero-themed SWAG. Get ready to unleash your inner hero and claim a prize. challenge poster

Ready, set, discover!

Let's uncover mysterious assets lurking within our network environments. Are you up for the challenge? Let's get scanning!

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