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Error when authenticating with Lansweeper's API

When you attempt to integrate Lansweeper with apps like Freshservice and Jira Service Management, you might receive the error message: Failed to load site data, please ensure that you have entered a v...


GPO vs RPC unavailable errors

You notice that devices cannot be scanned or deployed to agentless. You have recently updated your group policy settings. This issue must be resolved STAT! What could be happening? This may be a case ...


LsAgent and excluded devices

We have received reports mentioning that Windows computers have been excluded from agentless scanning and attempted to be scanned with an agent instead. This results in the asset also being excluded w...


Lansweeper Installation Requirements will be updated

Last year we already wrote about dropping support for several SQL Server and OS versions. The final chapter is ending soon. On March 1st, 2023, Lansweeper will end support for these SQL Server and OS ...


Lansweeper and Lansweeper Classic

As of Lansweeper version 10.4, the default installation of Lansweeper will immediately create a link to Lansweeper Cloud,  instead of on-premise. Cloud is a new way to access Lansweeper using a centra...


Helpdesk ticket not created from incoming email

You have set up the Lansweeper Helpdesk to create a new ticket from your incoming emails. It all worked, but suddenly you realize you are not receiving any new tickets. What could be wrong? To find th...


Troubleshooting LDAP errors

You're seeing LDAP errors next to your scanning target or in the Configuration/Server log section of the web console. Now what? Check out these general LDAP errors troubleshooting tips to apply first ...


Deployments: Incorrect function vs PackageShare

We've already published a previous blog on Deployments: incorrect function. How does this relate to the Lansweeper PackageShare? Deployments can also fail with the Incorrect Function error if you use ...


Helpdesk: Search results only display recent tickets

You searched for a ticket in the helpdesk, but no results are displayed even though you know the ticket exists in Lansweeper.  What happened?   Index corruption in your helpdesk leads to some tickets ...


Security Insights: Why am I seeing false positives?

Security Insights is a feature in Lansweeper Cloud currently in Preview mode. It provides insights into which assets are potentially vulnerable. It will not replace a scanner. Features in Preview mode...


Deployments stuck on "Gathering information"?

You've pushed the deployment button. The deployment starts to run but returns an error: "Gathering information". What happened? The most common cause for deployments returning a "Gathering information...


Software entries missing on your Window devices?

You've set up your Lansweeper installation. You've scanned your network. You see all your devices and their details are showing up in the console. You start to dig deeper into the magnitude of data th...


Seeing duplicates in the Software History report?

You are seeing duplicate entries in the software history report.  What happened?  In one of our earlier releases, an issue was discovered that created duplicate entries in the software history table. ...