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LSASS.exe takes up more than 50% CPU usage

Lansweeper is actively scanning your network, but you notice that LSASS.exe is utilizing more than 50% of your CPU.  What is happening? There are many individual or combined factors that could contrib...


Whitelisting for Lansweeper Cloud aka Lansweeper sites

You want to link your on-premise Lansweeper installation with Lansweeper Cloud (aka Lansweeper Sites), but the connection fails because the Lansweeper server cannot reach the required endpoints.  What...


Force start an LsAgent scan

Your LsAgent clients are configured to scan your assets twice a day, or to follow whichever schedule you set up. However, you're making changes to an asset, and you want these changes to immediately a...


Use integrated security with Lansweeper

You run the Lansweeper installer, and after a few minutes, you are scanning your network.  Out of the box, Lansweeper is installed using a predefined user for the database and the local system account...


Network devices showing up as a Linux devices

You notice a lot of Linux devices in your scanning results. A closer inspection reveals they primarily consist of network devices, such as routers and switches. That's when you start to wonder why thi...


Scanning devices connected through VPN

Lansweeper can scan any asset that meets the scanning requirements. However, when devices connect remotely through a VPN, you may encounter scanning issues. What is happening?  VPN connections typical...


Randomize your IP Range scanning target schedule

You've got multiple subnets in your network and created an IP Range scanning target for each one.Excited to witness Lansweeper's capabilities, you've added all the targets. The results are coming in, ...


Tuning Lansweeper for optimal performance

The time spent scanning your network depends on various items. Lansweeper scans a variety of Operating Systems and features through various protocols. Depending on the OS and scanning details set in L...


Your account locked out by too many login attempts?

You've set up your IP range scanning target to scan your Windows devices. You have several Windows accounts, for different types of setups. You've mapped all these credentials to the IP range scanning...


Cloud Sync Issue

You may have noticed when checking the "Cloud Link Overview" that your inventory hasn't been fully synced between the on-prem installation and the Cloud instance for a couple of days. Additionally, yo...


Wake-on-LAN (WOL) Issue

You are trying to wake up your devices remotely. You send a magical package to the devices but nothing happens.  What could be wrong? It might be that your devices are powering down the network interf...


Linux LsAgent service name change

You are trying to get the status of the LsAgent client running on your Linux devices. You run the following command, but receive an error message:  systemctl status LansweeperAgentService You are tryi...