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Seeing your scanning queue stuck at the same asset?

When you see your scanning queue stuck, not processing any scans, this can have several reasons. One of them is Performance Scanning targets hogging up the queue. These Performance Scanning targets ru...


Duplicate Assets for Windows

While scanning, Lansweeper compares the scanned data with existing data already stored in the database. If Lansweeper finds a match for the scanned data, the existing asset is updated with the scanned...


Network devices scanned as a web server

Lansweeper finds your network devices, but unfortunately, they are discovered as a different device type. Now what?Lansweeper will use all the information it can retrieve from your devices during scan...


Seeing a large Lansweeper database, even after cleanup?

We have recently discovered that for tblServicesUni, entries are not being cleaned up if an asset gets deleted. This table could potentially build up over time, increasing database size and impacting ...


Seeing old disconnected devices on your switches?

What if? Your switches still show devices that are disconnected. Even when the switch has been rescanned recently. Switch port connection information on the switch's summary page shows the last associ...


Object reference error after updating to

Symptoms In Lansweeper version, we introduced a new design for the top and left menus in the web console. However, some customers are writing in about getting an error message after upgrading...


Urgent: Minimal Version Increase for Syncing to Cloud

At Lansweeper, we are constantly working on improving the product and security. In version 9.3, we have improved security for syncing data between Cloud and your on-prem installation. Security is key ...


Suddenly seeing Access Denied scanning errors?

SymptomsLast year, Microsoft implemented hardening changes in DCOM required for CVE-2021-26414. June 14, 2022, these hardening changes are enabled by default but with the ability to disable them using...


Network printers not detected as a printer?

SymptomsYour network printers are being scanned but they show up as a different device type.DiagnosisIdeally, network devices like printers are scanned using SNMP. If SNMP is not enabled or available ...


No valid or working credentials: Intune/M365/Azure

We frequently see customers reporting an "No valid or working credentials" error when scanning Intune, Azure or M365 This error usually indicates that the supplied credentials are incorrect or that th...


Can you jump versions when upgrading Lansweeper?

We often get the question if it is possible to jump versions when upgrading Lansweeper. Eg. Can you upgrade from version 8.xx to version 10.xx immediately or should we first install version 9.xx?The s...


3 ways a user can create an account for Lansweeper Cloud

It is important to distinguish the account creation process from having site access. They’ve got some relation to each other, but are by and large separate things. eg. You can have an account without ...