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Required Admin Accounts

I'd like to see a checkbox in the config GUI under the "allowed admins" section that designates certain accounts as "Required Admins" and an accompanying report of computers that are missing these required accounts.The ability to make this specific ...

wgknowles by Engaged Sweeper II
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External Programs

Can you build in a feature to call external programs like batches on some status like "after scan new computer", "After change settings" like IPaddress, Gateway.So we can add more information from internal databases.

Allocated hardware inventory

Hello,It would be great for me to have further hardware inventory in Lansweeper, for instance, we allocate a dock station to an user, or an extra power supply, or for instance we allocate a 3g usb modem, and we have to keep track of these data:- Mode...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cleaning Objects not in AD

I have found that there exists a script by robinb to do the Job. It would be nice to include it in the GUI. :d/

colors for SW

Hello,when I check the list of SW installed on my network there is not a clear identification between SW I just moved to "approved" SW list, and the new SW lansweeper found. So, a new feature that identify the with a different color the SW that it is...

argie01 by Engaged Sweeper
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Scanning for additional devices on the network

As others have requested, this would be great. However in the meantime, the ability to add these devices manually would be good too. I am working on customizing a bit to get this to work, but it would be really nice if this was included next time. I ...

Priority List

1. Helpdesk integrated like OTRS ( Custom reports and alerts via email3. Translation to different languages like Spanish4. Automatic deletion of computers (no updaten in x days)5. Search in user box for more user attributes like AD...

ajmataro by Engaged Sweeper III
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Online report export

Sorry, I didn't search very hard to see if anyone else has ask for this. I would like to see a export to Excel or CSV on the reports on the site. Or maybe create a new category option for exportable reports. Thanks, cheers

lhawk by Engaged Sweeper
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