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Windows: Mobile Hotspot Enabled

Good morning! In our environment, having the Windows Mobile Hotspot be disabled and unused is important for security.  We wanted to know where the hotspots were enabled so we could respond accordingly.  With that, I created the following report to de...

Report: UPS Status (Detailed)

Good morning! We have a need to see detailed UPS information, so we did some customizations and ended up with this report:   Select Top 1000000 tblassets.AssetID, tblassets.AssetName, tsysassettypes.AssetTypename, tsysassettypes.AssetTypeIcon10...

Export custom reports (SQL Server only)

Generate SQL queries to recreate your custom reports on another database. This code is designed for SQL Server and will not work on SQL Compact.SELECT 'INSERT INTO [tsysreports] ([Reportquery] ,[Reporttitle] ,[Sendmail] ,[Mailgrou...

Filip_V by Lansweeper Alumni
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Workaround for LS bug: Clean Orphaned AD Objects

LS has bug in SQL Model - partially not  working Remove AD object function. When LS removes AD object SQL has some triggers which can not correctly clean AD objects info. Firsty, you can run report to check count of orphaned objects in your database:...

Resolved! Local Administrators and Group Members Listed help

HelloSeveral times through out the year we are asked for reports for auditing purposed to list out all the local administrators on a few of our critical systems.  We have a basic report setup up that lists all local accounts, AD users and AD Groups t...

JMCENT by Engaged Sweeper
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