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Resolved! Reporting on Mapped Drives

I'm looking for a way to report on all my devices mapped drives in my environment, but I want to exclude specific drive mappings that are standard.  Essentially finding users who are "going rouge" and creating their own shares that we do not know abo...

Resolved! Report Help -Windows OS Count

Hi,I am using the following report to get the total OS count by Windows version.The SQL query is set to only display "Active" devices. However, when clicking on the totals, the list expands and there are both, "Active" and "Non-active."Does anyone ha...

PapaTuck by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Local Administrators and Group Members Listed help

HelloSeveral times through out the year we are asked for reports for auditing purposed to list out all the local administrators on a few of our critical systems.  We have a basic report setup up that lists all local accounts, AD users and AD Groups t...

JMCENT by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Windows 11 compatibility report

Lansweeper published this great report template that checks your Windows assets for Windows 11 compatibility. Windows 11 Requirements Audit - Lansweeper IT Asset ManagementHowever, there is a flaw in this report in that it is marking an asset as fail...

Add user logged in to the Linux system

Hello good afternoon.We have a report here at lansweeper where I can consult all laptops with a Linux operating system. This report contains: laptop model, cpu, memory, hostname, linux version, servicetag. I need to include the logged in user in the ...