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Erased lsagent.ini files

I started tracking an issue with an LsAgent client base of 613 Windows machines several months ago and noticed that approximately 20 of them had failed LsAgent scans while showing recent Last Successful Scan dates. Beginning 3/11/2024 I went into rem...

Sync Asset Maps with Visio

Ok this one may be pushing it,but it would be nice if the new MAPS for assets in Lansweeper could be somehow automatically imported and updated From a source Visio file. Or even on Demand would be nice.Essentially for the Location Asset, have a setti...

danielm by Champion Sweeper II
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Exclude ADS OU Scanning

Hi,is it possible to exclude ADS OU Path scanning?You can add an ou filter for scanning ou paths, but all sub ou´s are are still scanned too.Problem:We want to scan only servers in the ou=server,ou=name,dc=name1,dc=name2but notou=server1,ou=server,ou...

daigls by Engaged Sweeper III
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Automatic Ticket Creation For PM's

I would love to see an option to setup reoccurring tickets for PM's. Example: Generate a new, unassigned, ticket the first Tuesday of every month at 10AM.Subject line: Backup NVR configurationsBody: Login to and run the backup command.

RTI_IT by Champion Sweeper
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Update: HP and IBM warranty scanning

Thank you for your continued patience with the ongoing investigation and troubleshooting of restoring the HP warranty scanning functionality, and the IBM warranty retrieval.As you know, after the past changes, these features are currently unavailable...

Feature Request: Ping Colum Filter

When running report all the columns have ability to filter results but not the PING column. Would be nice to have ability without modifying reports to have toggle or drop down selector option to show offline or online assets.

PeterJG by Champion Sweeper II
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Custom Fields in Cloud?

We've been using the custom fields in our on-premise instance for years to store asset tags, and it's conveniently searchable.  So I can easily search for "011193" and see exactly what that machine is.We just linked with the Lansweeper Cloud and it d...

eriqjaffe1 by Engaged Sweeper II
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