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Engaged Sweeper

When running the Built-in report, Encryptable Volumes, its showing a 'Protection Status' of OFF on assets where Bitlocker is enabled.  I also ran the Bitlocker Status report posted by JacobH in 2019 and its also shows a 'Protection Status' of OFF but it does show Yes for TPM is Activated, Enabled, and Owned.

Based on the results (see below) of running 'manage-bde -status' from the command line on my computer, it appears to me that the Lansweeper 'tblEncryptableVolume.ProtectionStatus' field is actually showing the Lock Status and not the Protection Status.

Here are my manage-bde results:

  • BitLocker Version:            2.0
  • Conversion Status:           Fully Encrypted
  • Percentage Encrypted:     100%
  • Encryption Method:         XTS-AES 128
  • Protection Status:             Protection On
  • Lock Status:                      Unlocked
  • Key Protectors:                 TPM / Numerical Password

Is it possible to build a Lansweeper report the shows the 'Protection Status' of Microsoft's 'manage-bde' result?


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