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Leverage Lifecycle Information to Prevent Obsolescence

While operating systems and hardware are still in their supported phase, vendors are likely to continue offering updates and security patches that are vital for continued safe usage. When vendors stop supporting assets, the reliability of those assets declines, their compatibility with newer devices on the network can decline, and security vulnerabilities continue to increase.

Lansweeper helps customers keep track of the asset lifecycle and which assets are nearing end of support, aiding the budgeting process and eliminating surprises. We provide status updates such as General Availability, End of Sale (EoS), End of Life (EoL) and End of Support (EoS), for which each the associated date is included.

Why use the Asset Lifecycle Risk Assessment feature

Lansweeper provides actionable insights on the lifecycle of operating systems and hardware from a growing database of vendors. Lifecycle management helps protect your system itself, but also your entire network environment. Lifecycle management helps you to address questions such as:

  • Can you get support when your equipment breaks or needs service?
  • Is the vendor providing updates to any hardware or software for usability?
  • Do the assets get any security fixes or patches?
  • Will you be able to re-sell the equipment or is it no longer even being sold?


Not only does lifecycle management monitor your hardware and operating system, but Lansweeper also contains reports for many popular software suites. Some suites include:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft SCCM
  • Veeam One
  • VMware ESXi
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

These features, reports, and dashboards are only available in Lansweeper Site (in the Cloud). Risk Insights are not available in Lansweeper's on-premises version.


To learn more about the Asset lifecycle Risk Assessment feature, you can visit these pages:

  1. ☝️How to visualize Asset Lifecycle information
  2. 📚Use case - Lansweeper for Asset Lifecycle Management


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