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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Vulnerabilities Risk Assessment: the next level

Lansweeper provides customers with security and vulnerability reports, such as the Patch Tuesday report, which can be used to highlight assets that haven’t been patched.

Lansweeper Site (in the Cloud) takes this to the next level by not only providing these reports automatically, but also linking to external catalogs such as NIST to provide actionable insights about your assets.

What is the "Risk Insights - Vulnerabilities" feature

This feature correlates the software installed on your endpoints with a list of publicly disclosed security flaws – the catalog of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database on NIST.

Lansweeper provides a summary of the number of assets potentially impacted by a vulnerability, ranked 1-10 for criticality. It will also include the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) to help assess the potential impact to your environment. Users can retrieve additional details on the exact nature of the vulnerability by selecting the CVE of interest. Lansweeper can also provide a detailed list of each potentially impacted asset.


As a recent enhancement to the Risk Insights feature, selected active vulnerabilities may be ignored, such as in the case of an acceptable risk. This feature helps users to focus their attention on the most critical assets.

The Risk Insights feature can be accessed from the individual Asset Summary page. But these features, reports, and dashboards are only available in Lansweeper Site (in the Cloud). Risk Insights is not available in Lansweeper Classic version (on-premises).


To learn more about Vulnerabilities Risk Assessment, you can visit these pages:

  1. ☝️How to view the vulnerabilities affecting assets
  2. ☝️How to take advantage of the Ignore vulnerabilities feature
  3. 📚Use Case - Using Lansweeper for CAASM


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