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Engaged Sweeper
I have been experimenting with the event log alerts as a way of monitoring our systems. I have not yet figured out how to get the whole thing working the way I want, so I deleted all of the Eventlog Alerts.

Lansweeper continues to send the alerts? This is after an hour or so. Is something in cache somewhere that I need to flush to get the alerts to stop?

My object was to get Lansweeper to report to me the events as they occur. I set up the Eventlog scanning in combination with the Eventlog alerts, but I'd get messages of error events that were a day old instead of current.

This post is convoluted, but any help in how to properly use the event log alerts would be appreciated.

Lansweeper Alumni
If there are no events for the scanned computer (because you deleted them)
Lansweeper scans eventlogs of the past week (the first time)
This will explain the "old" eventlogs