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Engaged Sweeper
Lansweeper has treated us pretty well with our currently deployed fleet of PC's. We've recently been changing out computers and it seems that the newer fleet isn't able to be scanned.

I don't know what the requisite settings are to make LanSweeper function but here is some basic information:

LanSweeper scans with domain admin credentials.
Firewall is disabled by GPO.
Engaged Sweeper
It appears that restarting the server housing Lansweeper may have been the silver bullet.
Engaged Sweeper
This is what I'm seeing here.

I see the option to "attach files to this post" but didn't know how to upload anything.

We are using IP range scanning but don't have anything scheduled. When we want to refresh the items, we'll check the subnet and then "Scan all enabled ranges now."
Lansweeper Alumni
Which method of scanning do you use (active scanning, ...)
Which error do you get?