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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

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This page explains what assets and information Lansweeper discovers and how it helps manage assets in an IT environment.

In the IT world, managing your IT hardware, software, and network devices is crucial to ensure your assets are implemented, supported, upgraded, and discarded as needed. Lansweeper allows you to manage all of your IT assets in a centralized location, by scanning the various assets on your system.

For more information about how Lansweeper helps you manage your IT environment, see IT Asset Management (ITAM) Software.

What type of assets does Lansweeper discover?

Lansweeper considers assets to be any software or hardware that supports your organization. This includes physical devices like monitors, printers, routers, servers, and mobile devices. Software assets include operating systems, productivity software, databases, and security software. It also covers virtual machines, and cloud services.

For the complete list of assets Lansweeper discovers, see Assets we discover

What information does Lansweeper discover?

The information that Lansweeper can discover depends on the asset and what Lansweeper can scan on that asset. This can include information like the manufacturer, model, network configurations, IP address, installed software, security settings, and more.

If you want to know more about what information Lansweeper can discover on your asset, find and select the asset type on Assets we discover

How does Lansweeper manage assets?

Lansweeper helps to manage assets in your IT environment by discovering new assets in your network, tracking information about your assets, and providing reports and analytics on your IT environment.

To benefit from Lansweeper's asset management capabilities, install the Lansweeper Cloud-first trial.

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