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Lansweeper Tech Support

If an installation is no longer relevant or useful, has issues with performance or security, or conflicts with your other installations, you can remove that installation by unlinking it from your cloud site.

Once you unlink your installation, your cloud site will no longer receive updates from that installation. If you wish to re-link this installation later, go to Configuration > Installations > Download IT installer and follow the prompts.

To remove an installation:

  1. In your web console, go to Configuration > Installations > All Installations.
  2. Select the installation you want to remove.
  3. Select Unlink installation.Unlink-Installation.png
  4. In the pop-up, select either Keep the data or Remove all data. To avoid duplicate conflicts, we recommend selecting Remove all data and Permanently delete installation and its registry.
  5. Enter the name of your cloud site to confirm, then select Unlink installation.

Your installation is unlinked. If you've opted to delete your data, this process can take a few minutes to complete.

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