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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello All,

This month we are pleased to feature @hubertmroz as our spotlight member 👊. As our community grows we continue to highlight Lansweeper users who go above and beyond to share helpful resources, offer support and add valuable insights to discussions.

Hubert is a long-time Lansweeper user and very recently shared this useful guide in our forum Guide: Migrate lansweeper database to MS SQL Alway... - Lansweeper Community - 67487 .We reached out to Hubert to ask a few questions about his experience with Lansweeper:

Hubert’s has been working as an IT Systems Administrator for 6 years, with a focus on Cyber Security in the last 2 years. He has maintained the Lansweeper product for his organisation since 2019 mostly for auditing client infrastructure and running reports of clients workstation in support.

Thank you @hubertmroz  for being a great new addition to our community, we are grateful for your support. @David_GF 



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