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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Hi everyone,

Due to great success, the SysAdmin Day Awards returns for a second edition this year.

Leading up to July 30, SysAdmin Appreciation Day, we invite you to nominate and vote for a sysadmin or an IT team whom you think deserves some recognition. The winners will receive various prizes, including a sizable donation to a charity of your choosing.

All you have to do is send in an application on our website, detailing why you think you, or a sysadmin you know, deserves to be put in the spotlight. And don’t forget to tell us which charity you would like to donate to in case you win!

So, do you know someone who:

  • helped the sysadmin community in some way,
  • successfully dealt with or mitigated the results of a cyberattack,
  • completed a big project for which he or she deserves recognition,
  • did something against all odds, or
  • achieved something special?
Then don’t hesitate to apply!

Want to know what else you can expect? Read the interview with Chief Marketing Officer Roel Decneut:
For more information on how to apply, read our blog article on the SysAdmin Day Awards 2021:
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