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Community Manager
Community Manager

To enable us to continuously improve the Lansweeper Community experience, all site visitors are prompted to take a a 2-min survey. The survey will appear whether you visit the Community as an anonymous visitor or logged in member, once you complete or dismiss it, the survey is not supposed to be served again until 90 days later.

The survey does rely on cookies so if you are logged in while browsing it should no longer be displayed (after your decision to opt -in or opt out). When accessing the forum as a guest, it will pop up each time because if the user is not logged in the survey will not know if the user filled it out or not.

The purpose of the survey is to collect information in order to find out improvements we need to make to the website and to regularly assess the quality of responses found in the Community.

Please opt in or out of the survey depending on your preferences, if you do fill in the survey we may reach out for additional feedback for clarification so that we can make positive adjustments where possible.

pop up surveypop up survey

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