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Engaged Sweeper

 I have created a deployment with the latest patch of Adobe Acrobat 2020 but I only want to deploy to assets that have outdated versions of Adobe Acrobat 2020. Is there a way to do this?

Champion Sweeper III

You will need to add  two conditions to your deployment before Adobe Acrobat 2020 is installed.

I have attached the below deployment that you can import and edit to fit your needs. Please let me know if you need any more assistance.


The first condition below checks the patch of the executable to see if it exists. 

Below that shows which step is next depending of the result of the condition.

If the executable does exist (Action on Success) the version of the executable   gets checked. If the files does not exist,(action on failure) then the deployment ends.

The version of the executable is checked  and if it meets the conditions the deployment is started.

If the condition fails, the deployment stops.


Change the file type on the attachment to xml so you can  import it.