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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hi everyone!

Lansweeper is delighted to announce the availability of its new diagramming capabilities in Lansweeper Cloud, now in Preview. In addition to lists, reports, and dashboards, the diagramming and mapping capabilities in Lansweeper Cloud enhance your experience of understanding the state of your inventory and allows you to discover the relations between your assets with dynamically generated diagrams.


Network topologies

See at a glance the different elements of your network and their relationships. Network topologies focus on the components of your computer or telecommunications network, including firewalls, devices, and routers.


Virtual environments

Navigate through the virtual resources available in your inventory, such as hypervisors and virtual machines, reorganized into logical groupings (data centers, clusters, etc.) to help you understand your inventory.



Of course, relations!

Let Lansweeper help you understand the connections between your assets with different types of automatically discovered relationships (SNMP, WMI), as well as those you have created manually in your Inventory.relations-preview.png


A set of features to discover

  • Find your assets by their attributes (Asset Name, IP address, MAC address, Asset Type).
  • Filter your diagrams by Asset types or IP locations.
  • Get an overview of your Orphan assets, for which no relationship has been detected.
  • Create relations without leaving your diagram.
  • And a few more that we let you discover by yourself 😎


Finally, a few things to keep in mind

The diagram capabilities are in Preview, and the following should be considered:

  • We're still refining this feature, so you may notice changes. But don't worry, there aren't any critical bugs to prevent you from testing it out.
  • The diagrams are based on the data in your inventory. Ensure that your installations are properly configured and synchronized so that your diagrams show up-to-date data. Additionally, the necessary SNMP credentials must be added to your installation to facilitate the discovery of relationships between your assets.
  • A limit of 20,000 assets per diagram is currently applied as part of the Preview. If you reach this limit for any of your diagrams, we invite you to adjust its scope (by IP location, for example) to see your assets and their relationships.

It's time for us to let you try and test these new features. We hope this first version will give you a new perspective on your inventory. Finally, we're all ears! Your feedback is valuable, and we'd love to hear it. Feel free to share in the comments 👀.


Julien Pierrot
Product Manager | Lansweeper
Engaged Sweeper II

HI,  I have just span up Cloud and i click on Diagrams and it shows my Scanning server but all the diagrams just say there are no assets on this diagram. How is it meant to work ?  Do i need to enable something ?

Engaged Sweeper

Is this feature working "out of the box" in new Installations? Or do I need a "manual" activation?
Also, I have a current subscription with cloudockit. Is there an option to save my current login / license?

Hi @MichaelKirstNes,

There is no manual activation. From your Lansweeper Cloud web console, go to the Diagrams section so you can view your diagrams. Note that your diagrams are generated automatically, based on the Installations you have configured.
As for your question about Cloudockit, can you be more specific about your expectations?
Julien Pierrot
Product Manager | Lansweeper
Engaged Sweeper

Is there currently a way to automatically map relationships for network equipment? Lansweeper can see the connections as uplinks but the diagram doesn't show the relationship unless I manually map them.

Champion Sweeper II

Any chance in the final version to save layouts that we configure?

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hi @rader,

Could you share more about the layouts you are mentioning? Does it concern the positioning of your assets? The filters you apply? Something else? We have received some comments that come close to this and are considering adding such features in the future. Feel free to share more with us, thanks!


Julien Pierrot
Product Manager | Lansweeper
Champion Sweeper II

Hi @JulienPierrot ,

Pretty much all of the above. It's handy to have layouts that only encompass specific groups, buildings, or whatever you need grouped, and have that readily available on request. Having to filter and reposition all the assets is a huge time waster that could be solved by having the ability to save our different layout needs.

Thanks for asking and considering our needs. Keep up the good work.


Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hi Randy (@rader)

I'm glad you appreciate our work. It motivates us to offer you even more!

We recognize that manipulating the objects in a diagram to make it easier to read can be time consuming. Our goal is to reduce these actions as much as possible to give you more time to enjoy and analyze your data. The save and export options are one of the strategies identified to support this goal.

We will soon be collecting extensive feedback from a panel of motivated testers on the diagram export/save options (in the form of an interview call). Let me know by private message if you want to be part of it.


Julien Pierrot
Product Manager | Lansweeper

That´s another issue I realized here.