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Path to installed Software

Hi there,is it possible to find out the path to an .exe file? so Maybe i can see all installed softwhare with there path to its .exe files?

IT-riha by Engaged Sweeper III
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Getting Print Model

Good night,So after follow that post: amazing, I have the follow, I have try with different querys, but all the time getting just computer Model.My questio...

kanenses by Engaged Sweeper
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Windows: Installed web browsers

Hello,The report in the subject is great, because it reduces the amount of lines in the report. Makes for a very clean report. Instead, of having an individual line for every browser installed on a machine. How hard would it be to put the version ...

BSONO by Engaged Sweeper II
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BIOS Version Audit report outdated for some devices

Referencing this report: the report does seem to work, it is not correctly reporting the latest release - particularly I'm seeing this on some Lenovo devices. Perhaps an alternate report co...

jwood_mls by Champion Sweeper
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Asset Full History Report

Hi, I am looking for a report that shows the full History of an Asset. I need to make sure the proper software is being removed and installed and be able to show my customer a concrete report that specific items were removed/deployed.I created ...

dmoraes by Engaged Sweeper II
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Patch Tuesday - Non Supported OS's

Can we get patch Tuesday reports that remove OS's that are no longer supported? This was done for XP and 2003 and we're now in that position with Win 7 and 2008.

doone128 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Windows Update Last Date\Time scanned >= 30 days ago

Get a report that shows computers that have not checked for Windows updatePotentially, I'd want to put this as an Important list in the Dashboard.Not looking for what updates happened or last patches.If a computer did not check Windows update in past...

RPimentel by Engaged Sweeper
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