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Asset Radar: found but not in asset list

I created a report for finding Asset Radar entries not present in any mac address previously scanned in some asset, do you think I did it right?Here is the report I created: Select Top 1000000 Case When tblAssetRadarDevice.DeviceName Is Not Null...

ufficioced by Champion Sweeper
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Report on Specific Child OUs

I'm trying to modify some of the pre-built reports on Users to only look in specific OU so I don't get reports filled with all the superfluous built-in accounts in AD. This is what I have but it's not working properly. Any help is appreciated.Sele...

brodiemac2 by Champion Sweeper
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Patch Tuesday - Superseded MS Updates

I've seen this before and it's happened again last month(March). Microsoft have superseded the KB for the patch Tuesday updates with new ones. However, the Lansweeper report doesn't get an update so all of the assets show as out of date.Is is possibl...

doone128 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Report for Statically Assigned IP Addresses for Win, Mac & Linux

I found a report that will display Windows systems only. Is there a report that can be run to display all operating systems that are set with static IP Addresses? I tried manipulating an old report from another forum discussion but no luck. Once I ...

RobinPSU by Engaged Sweeper
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Report on basic Router information

Hey guys!I'm supposed to do several reports for a university project while working with a company. Unfortunately, SQL is something I haven't worked with in a while anymore. I managed to create most of the reports I was asked to do but some still don'...

Liljack by Engaged Sweeper
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Support - Report for merged Tickets

Is there a report out there for merged Tickets?I understand the merge has a text value of "Merged with ticket #69: sign up for"

it-usa by Engaged Sweeper
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