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Nutanix/AHV Scanning

Would love to see support to scan Nutanix AHV clusters like we can with VMWare. We actually migrated completely off VXRails (ugh) so it would be nice for this support.

jeffarnts by Engaged Sweeper
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Mobile view

Any plans on getting a mobile view on the cloud site?  when trying to use the inventory function the windows get clipped and you have to toggle between orientations to get anything to display after searching (and even then it doesn't display any trul...

New Preview Capability – Lifecycle Data

We recognize that lifecycle information is a key value driver for clients to enable planning of software licensing negotiations, rationalisation and refreshes but also to ensure the assets are up to date to minimise security risk.  As such it is with...

Software License Entitlement Import

Is there a way to import license entitlement data into Lansweeper? We have been using Lansweeper for a while, but management now wants to investigate the software license tracking capabilities of Lansweeper. They are piloting another product right ...

dheinaman by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper Dark Theme

Would it be possible to have a Dark Theme for Lansweeper? At the office we all use a chorme pluging to simulate a dark theme but it's very bad looking.

ModelM by Engaged Sweeper
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Uninstall and update VLC media player

Howdy, I have over 200 devices with VLC version 2.2.4 and I would like to uninstall and update to the latest version. But I have not succeeded through the uninstall command from deploy. Has anyone managed to use a deploy to uninstall the old version ...

Tiberiu by Engaged Sweeper
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