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Champion Sweeper II
Ok this one may be pushing it,
but it would be nice if the new MAPS for assets in Lansweeper could be somehow automatically imported and updated From a source Visio file. Or even on Demand would be nice.

Essentially for the Location Asset, have a setting for a Source Visio file location on the network and a TAB name in that file along with the LAYER name(s) to import.

Then when we ever want to update a visio or have a new visio we can select some "update" button on that location asset.

In our case we have visio files with pc locations which we would want to continue updating, but the lansweeper map option is very nice also so we'd want to keep both going.

really this would be to avoid doing a deselect of all layes unwanted in the visio and then saving it manually as .png to whatever location we decide and then updating the map manually.
Or should this be done as some type of script in visio. i found some examples on
Engaged Sweeper

I am new here and have some doubts. Can I ask a question?

Engaged Sweeper II
This really should not be too hard to implement since Visio can accept data from a host of different sources including MSSQL databases, which if I am not mistaken is how Lansweeper stores it's data. Even if it is not a MSSQL database, it is probably ODBC compatible.

In the short term what I have done to get this functionality (import Lansweeper data into Visio diagram) is to export a custom report with the data I want as an Excel sheet, then connect to that Excel sheet. You do need to manually connect the data to the shapes the first time, after that however simply updating the spreadsheet (by doing a new export to the same file name) is enough to update the Visio drawing.
Engaged Sweeper II
Another twist on this....wondering how to take Visio network map and link the data graphics to information in the Lansweeper database. I don't HAVE to have it place it back in Lansweeper maps.
Lansweeper Alumni
Thank you for your feedback.
We will investigate this option, but will probably not implement this on short or middle-long term as we give priority to new features/requests with a high percentage of Lansweeper users to profit from it.