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Engaged Sweeper II

Hi all,

i need to create a report that will show me the following information:

Asset name, IP, domain, logged on user, MAC, location, building, if AV is installed, if yes what type, if it's updated, if it's activated.

I seen many reports but none of them had this info in one place.

really appreciate the assistance 🙂


Engaged Sweeper II

in our network not all machines have AV installed and not all of them are in the domain.
BTW i was able to create the report i need on the cloud env but i want to extract it as SQL query and i don't know how to do it 

Honored Sweeper

You can view predefined reports for antivirus in LS Reports.

But LS scans WMI for AV status and it very useless.

I recommended use corporative editions of AV Software for control it.