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multiple devices

I would like to create a report for users signed in on multiple Windows devices. Is there already such a report?

tdazey by Engaged Sweeper
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Custom Report for ICMP/SNMP status of network devices

I am interested in creating a report against firewalls and switches (network devices) that shows ICMP & SNMP status (working or not working).This report would be used to provide to our networking team to show them inconsistent firewall rule applicati...

SBSP by Engaged Sweeper II
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Critical Patch Report

Does Lansweeper have a weekly report for showing any missing Critical patches on servers. I currently use the Monthly Patch Tuesday Reports, but if there would happen to be any critical patches detected this allow me to prioritize our patches.  Thank...

Registry Report keeping old values

Hello,I am using the custom registry scan to see the value of DisableFileSyncNGSCI created a deployment based if the value equals 1. This works. When I run a deployment, it changes the registry value to 0. This is working. It has been tested many tim...

Registry scan.PNG
ScottyBC by Engaged Sweeper
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Asset relations report- printers

Looking for a report for all printers and the devices connected to printer. Example Printer1 >Computer1 >Computer2 Printer2 >Computer1 >Computer2  

fbg by Engaged Sweeper III
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Generate report for antivirus

Hello guys!I'm trying to make a report that gives me a list of all the assets without antivirus installed, the problem is that I want to remove Windows Defender and not take it as an antivirus, but I can't find a way to remove it. any ideas?i have th...

Chara991 by Engaged Sweeper
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