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Engaged Sweeper

Hi gurus

I am very new to lansweeper so still a newbie so all need is appreciated

I have created a deploy package but also I want to create a step that check the machine for windows 10 version 1803 or 1809 before I move to the second step to be apply, I would like the first step to check and if not windows 10 180 or 1809 dont move forward but keep checking the next machine.

hope I am clear

Thanks a bunch

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Actually it doesn't check with Lansweeper data. A condition will check during deployment on the device. This also ensures that it is always using live data.

Basically, you'll have to add a condition step, condition type is registry and then you can fill in the rest.

An alternative way of doing this would be if you target your deployment with a report. This is only really useful if you want to deploy on a specific Windows version, not if you want to use the version as a deciding factor to choose which file to deploy.

Simply create a report with a condition so only assets with the specific Windows version you want to deploy on show up. Then deploy and use the report as the target.
Engaged Sweeper

Thanks a bunch for jumping in, The reg key is there but how do I make the key condition to be equal to the regkey value data within Lansweeper?

Thanks again
Honored Sweeper
Could you do a registry check condition for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ReleaseId looking for 1809, if it exists (step ). for example?