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This page provides information on integrating Devicie, an endpoint management platform, with Lansweeper to create a custom dashboard that offers detailed insights and reports on device health.

Devicie is an endpoint management platform designed to help IT teams securely deploy, control, and maintain their device fleets remotely and at scale. Integrating Devicie with Lansweeper modernizes your device management capabilities, helping you identify and address issues such as compliance and usage anomalies that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Integration benefits

The Devicie integration provides a custom dashboard within your Lansweeper Site, featuring various reports that offer deeper insights into your devices’ health. For more detailed information on specific reports, you can request additional insights through the Devicie website.

Available reports on your Devicie Dashboard

  • Total Devices: Count of all devices discovered in your environment.
  • Unmanaged Devices: Identifies unmanaged devices that pose a significant security risk due to lack of visibility and control. Devicie can onboard various corporate and personal devices, including macOS and mobile devices.
  • Unencrypted Devices: Highlights devices vulnerable to data breaches and unauthorized access. Devicie automatically encrypts all devices, including corporate data on personal devices.
  • App Audit: Identifies unpatched applications susceptible to security vulnerabilities. Devicie reliably updates a wide range of applications to reduce risk.
  • Microsoft Licenses: Automates configuration of features like Intune and Defender for Endpoint to maximize the value of your Microsoft licenses.
  • Local Administrator Accounts: Reports on local administrator accounts, which pose a significant security risk. Devicie helps remove or reduce this risk through automation.
  • Local Administrator Accounts by Name: Provides detailed reporting on local administrator accounts to mitigate security risks.
  • Risky Windows Services: Identifies and disables unnecessary services that increase the attack surface, adhering to the Center for Internet Security (CIS) security framework.
  • Risky Windows Features: Removes unnecessary Windows features that increase the attack surface as part of the CIS security framework.
  • Unencrypted Devices by OS: Reports on unencrypted devices by operating system to highlight vulnerabilities.
  • Unencrypted Devices by Name: Provides detailed reporting on unencrypted devices to mitigate exposure risks.
  • Windows Patch Tuesday Audit: Ensures operating systems are patched to protect against security vulnerabilities.

Integrate Devicie with Lansweeper

  1. In your Lansweeper site, navigate to Marketplace > Integrations and select Devicie Endpoint Health from the list.
  2. Click Add Dashboard.
  3. Fill in your contact details in the request form to confirm your consent to be contacted by Devicie. This is necessary to access the dashboard.
  4. Click Add Dashboard.

Your dashboard will be added. To view it, go to Dashboard > Devicie Endpoint Health.

Remove Devicie Endpoint Health from Lansweeper

If you’d like to remove the dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Marketplace > Integrations > Devicie Endpoint Health.
  2. Click Remove Dashboard.
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