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Product Team
Product Team

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Dear Valued Customers,

We're thrilled to share some fantastic enhancements to Lansweeper that will make your Operational Technology (OT) Asset Management experience even better. We've been hard at work to bring you these improvements, and we're excited to introduce the following key features:

  • Modules as Assets: We've made it easier for you to keep track of your modules connected to assets OT. Now, you can view these modules in your inventory list.

  • Lansweeper On-premises - OT InventoryWe are introducing a direct link between OT Sensor and Lansweeper On-premise, which allows for comprehensive "offline" OT management.

  • Lansweeper Sites - OT Inventory managementWe're giving you the power to edit, add comments, attach files, and manage custom fields for your OT assets within Lansweeper Sites.

  • New Linking Flow: We've incorporated a new linking flow between OT Sensor and Sites, using the linking code to streamline your experience.

  • Protocol Iteration: Our ongoing work with protocols has led to an iteration of the BACnet and Siemens protocols, enhancing our ability to discover more asset details.

  • Terminology Changes: We've revised the terminology for our OT Sensor to align with the protocol iteration. This includes renaming specific fields and aspects of the product to reflect its capabilities and functionalities better. We aim to simplify product naming while maintaining clarity and consistency across our product line.

And the best part is all these fantastic features and the OT Discovery are now available from our Starter License.

We're committed to providing you with the best tools to manage your OT assets efficiently, and we're confident these updates will improve your experience. We can't wait to see how these improvements empower you in your asset management journey.

We encourage you to share your thoughts, questions, or suggestions by commenting below. Your feedback is incredibly valuable, and we're eager to hear from our fantastic community members.

Thank you for choosing Lansweeper.


María Orellana

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