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Lansweeper is proud to announce our brand-new Developer Portal, which aims to provide visibility and enable you to build innovative apps by integrating Lansweeper’s market-leading IT asset discovery and inventory platform.

The Developer Portal provides quick and easy access to the Lansweeper API, which allows you to integrate Lansweeper's market-leading IT asset discovery and inventory capabilities with other IT management tools and platforms. 

With Lansweeper’s GraphQLAPI and integration framework, you can support a wide range of IT scenarios with complete and always-accurate technology asset data:

  • Maintain a complete and current CMDB automatically

  • Provide your service desk with rich, accurate data for fast decision-making

  • Automate software asset discovery for effective software asset management and cost savings

  • Enrich incident alerts with detailed data for faster remediation 

The Developer Portal makes getting started with the API even easier. Here’s what you’ll find:

All the Resources You Need in One Place

On the Portal, you’ll find all the information you need to understand how to connect to your technology and software assets, as well as access vulnerability data, with a single endpoint. Explore the API’s reporting features and learn how to use Webhooks in your applications. You can also request your free Developer Account to access the API and start building right away.  

The Portal also provides links to detailed documentation, a Quick Start Guide, and other support resources, so you can find answers to all your questions as you build your Lansweeper-integrated app. You can even explore Lansweeper’s vast partner ecosystem and explore the benefits of becoming a Lansweeper Technology Partner.

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