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Product Team
Product Team

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With our E-Launch, we continue to improve our Cloud-native and on-premises capabilities. We have been hard at work enhancing our existing capabilities, beginning work on new ones. and gathering user feedback on all recently released capabilities. 

In this launch, we are announcing General Availability for our Operational Technology (OT) inventory capabilities. We have been improving and maturing these capabilities by increasing the coverage of the discovered devices and working on inventory management capabilities.  

Also, based on your feedback, we are delivering OT inventory in Lansweeper On-premises. This will allow you to securely manage OT assets, while benefiting from additional capabilities in Lansweeper Sites for general IT assets.  

We will continue to improve our OT capabilities in the future with a focus on risk insights and diagramming capabilities in Lansweeper Sites. 

We are also ready to move to Preview with our improved IT Agent. In addition to being able to send inventory results directly to your Lansweeper site, our improved IT Agent will support auto-update, silent installations, and ad hoc scanning.   

This is the first part of our Discovery modernization effort, helping us ensure that we can continue to improve our discovery capabilities in the future. 


As we expand our discovery and inventory capabilities, we are moving to a Beta version of Public Cloud Inventory where you will be able to collect an inventory of all AWS, Azure, and Google Public Cloud resources your company is using (not just compute instances). We are very interested in your ongoing feedback to ensure that we present the information in a way that provides you with maximum value. 

As mentioned above, we are continuing to improve Lansweeper On-premises. We are adding OT Inventory and helping improve your IT environment security with the upgrade to the .Net 6 framework with its many security improvements. With the upgrade to .Net 6, we are also improving proxy support to make it easier for you to connect Lansweeper On-premises with Lansweeper Sites. 

We are also continuing to listen to your feedback on our Risk Insights, specifically Vulnerability Risk Assessment capabilities. Our focus in this update is on improving our prioritization capabilities with a new Risk Dashboard, improved filtering and sorting capabilities, and soon-to-be-released patch information. Vulnerability information is also available via our API, allowing you to leverage the information in other components of your overall IT environment. 

There’s more: We are continuing to add more integrations via our Marketplace. The integrations include Ingate, Armis, Axonius, and LicenseWare as well as an update to our ServiceNow integration. We have added several new and updated integrations and continue to work to add more in the future. 

We believe these improvements will allow you to gain more value from your Lansweeper investment and we will continue to listen to your feedback to ensure we continue to deliver the improvements and capabilities that are most important to you. 

We also want to reiterate that you can continue to use Lansweeper On-premises and Lansweeper Sites in a hybrid mode, as we discussed in recent Pro Tip and Expert Q&A posts. OT Inventory Management is an excellent example of this: Many of the early adopters of our OT capabilities expressed the need to maintain OT assets in an on-premises environment while wanting to take advantage of the value-added capabilities offered by Lansweeper Sites. 


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