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Product Team
Product Team

Hello LS Community Members,

I'm thrilled to share an exciting development that promises to revolutionize your experience with our Risk Insights module. Get ready for an enhanced journey in vulnerability management with our latest addition: Affected Products Categorization.

📰 What's New:

We've completely revamped the way we categorize products affected by vulnerabilities, offering a more seamless and insightful approach to identifying root causes. This enhancement represents a paradigm shift, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your security landscape.

🔍 Where to Find It:

Explore the power of Affected Products Categorization within the Risk Insights section. You'll encounter three new columns designed to empower IT heroes like yourself to decipher vulnerability root causes effectively, allowing for prioritized actions and targeted mitigation efforts where they matter most.



 🤗 We're Here for You:


Join us on this exciting journey as we elevate the Risk Insights module to new heights. Whether you seek answers, require guidance, or wish to share your feedback, our community stands ready to support you. Additionally, don't forget to explore important information in our Knowledge Base article for key insights.

Thank you for being an essential part of our community. Together, we're shaping a safer and more informed digital future.

Best regards,
Maria Orellana


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