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Engaged Sweeper

Any plans to roll out this detection for a future build?

We just purchased this product and are also in the middle of a huge refresh project which afterwards, 60% of our organizations laptops/pc's will now be in azure intune.


We are moving completely off prem in the next two years.


I am now regretting purchasing Lansweeper and if this isn't planned for a future build, will not be renewing our license next year. There won't be any point. 

With MS pushing users into azure, if Lansweeper doesn't keep up, Lansweeper is going to go the way of the Dinosaur.

Product Team
Product Team

Hi @DreamDestroyer ,

Indeed, Lansweeper's Intune scanning target is currently focused on mobile devices only.
In terms of laptops and PCs, we encountered issues during development where we couldn't guarantee unique assets after having scanned a device via multiple scanning targets: Intune, Azure AD, Directly-via-IP, and LsAgent.
We're currently working on our next-generation discovery where we'll have a dedicated reconciliation engine handling this for you. According to our current planning, we strive to make this available to you in 2024.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hi @DreamDestroyer could you clarify your need please.

Are you asking that the Intune integration include the full inventory within Intune e.g. laptops and desktops?

If you could clarify I've read appropriately or correct me that would be great and then we can make sure we have the right answer for you.



Cheers Iain

You are correct. Lansweeper has always done a few things very very well. At my previous company, we were using it well over a decade but hadn't rolled out Intune there in any capacity.
Where I am at now, first thing I did was roll out Lansweeper but at the time, we were all on prem. There was an Intune project in deep development when I took over and roll out was imminent.

We have since rolled out intune and are using it now as part of a complete asset refresh over the next 3 years. This first year (now) we are currently replacing 60-70 percent of the entire company's laptops..

Of course, we are a little different. We have no mobile devices we all..we are complete laptop and PC shop that will be completely in azure cloud in the next 3 years and off prem completely, including AD.

And since Lansweeper is my favorite software to use, Im sad, because I don't want to have to look elsewhere for a replacement product next year when its time to renew our licensing...

Lansweeper sees the domain on-prem laptops (as expected) but no new laptops rolled out via intune. 
Just to be sure, I pushed out the LSAgent to all computers (including Intune laptops) but nothing.

Its a real bummer.

Champion Sweeper III

How are you deploying LSAgent via Intune?  I never got to use Intune's AutoPilot/Whiteglove/whatever its called now...  but, if you bake it in something versus run the installer for every deployment, it will mess up due to the same .ini file being on each one.  Probably not what you're doing though.  If it is, you'll have to make a task or something to stop the lsagent service, delete the .ini file, and restart the service.  You'd need to test that though, i'm going off of memory for VDI.  I'm guessing you are using the cloud relay, but I have to ask hehe

we are deploying after the fact not built into the intune. The few we've rolled out we just did it manually as a test in the first group we refreshed.  So yea, nothing baked in.

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