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Engaged Sweeper


I'm new to this great community and maybe I'm not asking in the right place and I'll delete this post if it necessary

We are trying increasing our use cases with Lansweeper as much as we can.

We notice the big potential of the intergrated Knowledge Base feature.

I wonder if it possible to add sub categories to the categories.


for example :

Guides -

            -  Support

                      - Office Installation

                      - Backup User Profile

            - System

                      - Create Backup Job

                      - Clone Virtual Machine

Troubleshooting -

                           Operaion System

                                                       - Blue Screens

                                                       - Language bar missing

                                                       - Windows update Issues


                                                        - Outlook Crash

                                                        - Chrome Won't Update


and etc....

If not possible, where can I ask for "Feature Request",  and Lansweeper will take it seriussly ?

this is my killer feature for using Knowledge Base section.


I have ideas for more feture request like license section, but that is for another post 🙂


Thanks in advance,

Ariel Wainberg.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Ariel_Wainberg thanks for sharing these insights on the knowledge base feature, I have shared this internally with our product team - we are working on a formal system to manage feedback in the community however in the meantime I will leave this open so users can comment or 'like' this post to upvote the idea